Thursday, June 10, 2010

hate-to-be hypersomniac!?!.

Hm.. reali hate-to be hypersomniac.. Yes,i admit dat sleep is one of d most satisfaction moment to hav but somehow, NOW.. as im concern for my success.. i get worried.n hate it!!..
Go,go.. be strong.. (im shouting right now) but just few hours b4,, i ignore all d priority stuffs such as washing clothes,doing homeworks n find some researches just to sleep.. n now,, i regretted it so much.. all the works bcome more n more..

Ya allah.. do help me.. give me strength ya Allah.. You are the most merciful and all-knowing... help me ya allah... (vry frustrated.. mode : DOWN... n somehow,, im listening n singing all-american reject's song, straightjacket feeling.....)

another 1 hour left,then the class will begin.. So,i better doing some skim.. preparation.. k..
oops.. 1 more thing.. S.M.I.L.E......

p/s: trying to think as positively as i can.. remember,, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON... =)

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