Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Cant spend too much time in front of my lappy coz im totally exhausted. waiting from 8am and only be interviewed at 1.35 pm.  So, will go straight forward ya.. 

Coz, we rarely contact each other and im pretty sure that u want to know what happened during the interview. kan, mok2? :)

Kena gather kt Lecture Hall A. tp, postponed to 8.20am. Again, postpone lg coz our interviewers- Dean, Asst Director, Lecturers (4org) stuck dlm jammed. tp kesian diorg, sbb gerak dri UIA Kuantan kul 5pagi. hehe

They safely arrived. Short briefing about the kuliyyah. Many pics.
Our Dean is super-kind, energetic and friendly.
Cant wait to go to main camp~
Well,im quite sad coz i walked alone to the hall. n sit alone. pathetic. but, Alhamdulillah, few mins later, the others joined me during the briefing :)

Interview began. Sekejap gila! 
tp, yg ptotnya 2 panel jadi SATU panel. our dean nk tgok sume candidates. haha
so, ak no 18. turns out jd no 46 kot. tp, still. ad 5 people amik tmpt ak sbb kelas.

Waiting patiently. xdpt nk gerak mana2 coz management officer kta, mgkin nk uat group. mgkin dua2. mgkin? Tp, kesudahannya, semua sorg2! :)
Start to chat with the others. getting new friends. find a new gang :)

totally in huger. but my turn getting nearer. excited and nervous.
but then, after azan. the panels want the students who have class to be interviewd first. again, im waiting.

5 students yg masuk before ak sgt skejap. within 3-4 mins. n questions yg dia taye, about ur parents, their job,siblings and thats it. Tak best kan?
Alhamdulillah, time ak lasted for about 10mins :)
Suka, rasa terharu. n sgt excited.

~Malasnya nak taip lg.. nk tdo.. hehe~

so, roughly. the questions for me?!

- nape pics kt borg intrview lain dgn skang? npe ramai sgt suka pakai contact lens. n nape ak pakai?
= sports ap yg ak join?
- npe, ak xnk stay kt pmacy?npe ak nk jd dentist?
= npe ak kte dentist menarik?
- pointer strong, npe xminta medic?
- ap yg ak tau psl dentist?
- bdang mana nk major..?
- ayh polis ke? (based on my address)
- cawangan kerja ayah, skop kerja ayah, pangkat ayah. haha
- pkerjaan ibu
- duk alor gajah?
- cucur udang alor gajah? tukar tempat?
- npe xbwa mknan tu..?
- expected final cgpa

And lastly, they asked me to keep on struggling and maintain my result. 
"No harm when u achieve the good results, Dr Akbar) 2012.
 Yeah. :)

- means that they quest directly while = were asked based on my answers

So, tu la kan? Overall famous question.

- Why do u want to be a dentist?
- tell me about your family (parents, siblings)
- Pointer, go to medic?
- sacrificing vacation time, busy. 
- stress

then, if im good(rajin) enough, ill explain in details how i answer the questions and hows the environment during the interview. Seriously, they are so nice. friendly. provocative! but idealistic. and energetic! :)

Allah, ease me. Guide me :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Alhamdulillah. 5th STEP.


List name interview dah kuar. And im one of them. Syukur.

Syukur sgt coz im not rejected and have the oppurtunities. Keluar hari ni, dan esok interview. Phewww..!
Tak rasa nak study. I have to prepare for this wisely and perfectly(though,nobody perfect!)

Kebetulan, mlm ni ad program "Grand Solat Hajat". What a blessed! And briefing psl Community service at 10.45pm. tgokla cmne. Even, ad talk mlm ni brsmpna program solat hajat ni. Imam Muda Hizbur, Dean's List vs Deen's List. xrasa mcm nk dgr.. tp, alang2 dh pergi masjid, xkn nk blah cmtu plak?

As for now, baru azan. nak terus mandi,solat and prepare!


Panel 2.

Lucky 18. May Allah ease me.

57 candidates. 43 to be chosen.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

visiting qila+UKM Bangi

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah, dah selamat tiba UIA. ingatkan dh xmo balik UIA daa.. hehe. Seronoknya jumpa qila. seronok2. 3 hri 2mlm oww.. 

Ok2. xley nak cter lagi. later la update yg btol2 update. As for today, gonna put some memorable pics :))

Chillax bebeh :))

TALK- Sahaja Aku MencintaiMu :)

Automobile show

Me- feed the horse. and riding it too!

FIVE of us. zati- qila - kak nadwa - rifa'ie - ayie
DANAU! swimming+golf :)

Swimming~  tudung sy buruk.hehe

Library: Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang. TUTUP.  tp,ktorg study kt area MEMBACA 24jam. hehe

Byk lagi pics :)
Byk sgt cerita. hehe.

Tq ya, Aqilah Aziz. for a very wonderful trip.

Ukhuwah fillah Abadan Abada.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ulangbulan 41.

Bismillah :)

Happy ulangbulan 41 ya mok2? Sori sgt. Sbb mmg nak uat entry ni by 18th ritu cuma xsempat and rushing nk siapkn assgment. 


Saat cm blur2 dlm kelas~ prob tdo la skang. Dapat msg Amir, mmg tachingg abes :')
Terharu. I miss u too. Miss u more.

Tp, ni mmg yg terbaik kan? Sesungguhnya Allah tu sebaik2 perancang. 'Perpisahan' kita ni kan satu 'pengorbanan'. Ad jodoh tak ke mana? Jarang contact pun xpe la..

Secara jujur, kdg2 smpai mencengkam rsa kt jiwa. sbb rindu sgt! Lagi2 ble down, nk la share sume kt Amir. Hm, amir tau kan.. atie yg sgt suka 'meluahkan' ni. Tp, xdpt nk call. xdpt nk contact. Sedih gila waktu tuu. Tp, muhasabah diri. Sabarkan diri. Sedar x sedar, lama dh rupanya Amir kt sana. Dan Alhamdulillah, atie pun still ley survive kt sini.

Thanks to Allah. His guidance :')

After more than 3 years being together, all I wish right now. that we can behave. kutip sbyk mana ilmu agama , biar penuh di dada tu. Capai cita2 masing2. Study hard! Study smart! Jaga kesihatan.. Jaga iman. Dan moga Allah, ampunkan semua dosa kita.. permudahkan urusan kita. dan masukkan kita dlm golongan org yg beriman dan bertakwa. Nak jadi ahli syurga.

Plus, (okay. ni mmg agak over la sikit..! haha. tp nk tulis gak)

Em, semoga kita menjadi si soleh dan solehah yg kelak, kalau dipnjgkn jodoh. berkahwin. akan jd ibu bapa yg mem'produce' anak2 yg soleh, solehah jua. 



Take care~ im struggling to fix all my problem. Find the best solution. Dont worry. Im not alone. Allah always here, near with me to help me. I pray. And pray for me too.

a gift for our 41th ulangbulan
18Nov 2008 - 18 April 2012

Sekian, utk kali ni.

Ingat tau. Amir, stdy hard! Zati, study hard!

Semoga istiqamah~~  :'')

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tidur bila ngantok?

Bismillah. Well, well, well..

Tengok entry pun tau kan? Alah, kalau sape yg baca mesti tegur " xabes2 dgn masalah tdo si zati ni.."

SORRY> tp, seriusli. masalah besar la. klu DULU, xkesah sangat pun. tp SEKARANG. waaaahhhhh. rugi gila klu tdo lama. klu study kan lg bagus?

Hm, cmtu la cerita nya....

- depends kt herbs coffee
- mata pedihh
- nak makan
- gemuk
- xnk join pape activity dah!
- nak rehat
- nak rehat


Sunday, April 15, 2012

PAVLOVA, love it!


Oh, im getting excited just to write the title.

PAVLOVA. do u know what is it?

some Australian traditional dessert. and trust me. So, so, delicious!

Yesterday, my bos gave us this Pavlova-things. with strawberries. Oh, my..

The last piece specially for me. hehe. (since i went training and unable to present myself during the party)

im going to try this! 

Well, well. mok2. why dont u try this? hehe

Saturday, April 14, 2012



Hi. :)

Im done watching Twilight's Trailer Part 2 which i think will going to be an awesome movie( as always.. )..and always in my MUST-WATCH movie list. HAHA. definitely, Twilight is one my favourite series. I dont care about the others. especially when they tend to boo this movie, annoyed me with their opinion. Well, just stop it. Everyone is different. Respect. For me, those girls(specifically) in love with Twilight is not based on the hero's pale-handsome face? err. not for me. but the empathy. putting myself in that lovey-dovey condition.. the love. sacrifice. and last but not least, their romance. kui3...  

today. another step-up into my vb player's life. hard. fast. but interesting enough to keep me engage with the game. Insya-Allah, with Allah's will. im going to play, and play till 40's? HAHA. seriously. 

Well, I AM lazy. very. and im intense with this situation. ahh, im hoping someone? my roomate? Just some one. to take care of me. to wake me up. encourage me. Calling me till im awake. support me. care enough for me, and put this pieces into one-strong spirit. determination for a success. but i cudnt find one. and i realised. I must stop hoping for that 'someone' to appear. What matter now is me, MYSELF.

MYSELF. yah, zati. u r strong. be strong.

Ok. bet. kalau this week starts on today. Saturday, 14April. If i manage to wake up early and study.(but im not robot! and i rely on my mood. huhu.) ok, then. minimum 6hours a day, i can hav what i want. And what I want is.....................................

For the mean time, em. em..

Raspberry ice-cream blended(again) and strawberry! Yeah. Interesting. Work on from this Saturday and be rewarded on the next Tuesday, 24April. Though, long time to go. -.-

Ok. I hav to add some 'spice' on the reward. Perhaps, later on! 

** My mok2~ call me if u miss me!.. **


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 APRIL 2012


PERHATIAN : entry ni mmg terabur gila. sbb ad tambah,tolak sgala bagai. Entry yg 99.99% emosi dan selebihnya kewarasan. Ditulis utk menenangkn diri sndiri. Utk sedarkn diri sendiri. Judge me? do so. I dont even bother.

Again, entry yg bertitle tarikh. Xtau nak luahkan kt sape. xnk burden org lain. xrasa nk cerita kt rumate. xrasa nk cter kt qila. xtau. rasanya, sume org pun bz. dan sume org pun ad masalah masing2 kan? Npe ak nk tambah?  Tp, kalau harap ak nk solve sendiri, mmg it takes time la. but i want to recover now. asap. but i just cant! :(

During this time la, ak akan sebok nk suh mok2 contact ak. and again, i just cant. i realize that it is never been easy for him to always look after me during my unstable mood. he has to study! n yes. i wont disturb or even attract his attention, now.

so? where ? whom? when?

Skang ni, ak rasa keadaan ak mcm teruk gila. teruk sgt2. benci. tp, aku gak kn yg evolve bnda ni? Npe? nape la ak suka sgt tido???!! Nape, nape mata ak ni senang je tdo ble baring..? Nape kepala ak pening 2-3 hari ni? Npe bdn ak sakit...?? Nape ak susah dah nk stdy cm dlu? nape ak........ Byk gila oiiyy

Seminggu yg lepas. serius. bahagia gila. stdy paling optimum. masyuk sgt.. tapi, skang sebaliknya. tetba teringat satu kisah benar. biarlah aku mengaku je kat sini. kalau x, kt mana lg kn?

Dlu, ak penah uat entry pasal Bio. psl cm ak frust gle dh nk stdy sbb markah tuto. ntah entry yg mana. n malas la ak nk kesahkn. n again, bila di kenang, kenang semula. Ya, BIO la penyebab ak jd mcm ni.. (sesuka hati je kn nk salahkn?)

Tau x, ak suka sgt BIO. huhu. suka sgt, sampai i cant bear to get lower marks. Suka sgt, n kbtulan dpt lecturer yg merupakan fellow ak. sekaligus. ego ak. oh, zati. ko jgn nk uat hal dpt markah rendah2.

ya, suka dan ego. buat BIO, subjek paling bermakna. paling high class la bg self-confidence ak. tp, again and again. subjek ni slalu mgecewakan ak. kdg2 rsa cm dh xsanggup nk teruskan "percintaan" ni dgn BIo. tp everytime, dia "lukakan" ak. xlalu mkn, xlalu minum oiyy.

And, recently. kuiz BIO. tajuk reproduction and growth. Dua chapter yg bg ak, cukup menarik, worthy nk study tp di dtgkn dugaan BANYAAAKKKKK gila part plant. tp, sume tu xpe.. Ak usaha gak hafal. USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN kn? sungguh2 ak baca.. dgn smgt yg jitu. N jwb kuiz. tp down gila pastu. bkn sbb xdpt jwb lgsung. bila ak brainstorm. sbnrnya satu soaln je yg uat ak frust mcm ni. tau x, soalan ap? Soalan subjektif psl fertilization. yg frust, bkn sbb xtau atau xde input. tp sbb ala kadar je tgok diagram tu.. huhu. walhal ak lukis kot kt dlm mind map ak, n kata. "ee.. peliknya diagram ni, xpe la. xmasuk". Ok. pengajaran! mmg xmasuk la kn kononnya?... sudahnya, bila cmni. input ada. tp, diagram tu xtau yg mana satu bla,bla,bla... ne la nk tau ap yg dilabel tu develop jd ap kan? Okay. contoh. ak tau, tau. bila blastocyst tu dh attached n develop kt endometrium. dia akan ad 4 extraembryonic membrane, chorion,amnion,allantois ngn yolk sac. each of these, ak tau develop jd ap.. n ak tau function.. (alhamdulillah, tau la kan.) tp, ak xtau nk jwb yg mana, sbb kt diagram tu.. its bit confusing. dan yg paling frust, ble dpt tau jwpn dia. kacang gila! gastrulation on day 19. ak walhal dah pk dah gastrulation, tp ak xcaye. cm pk "xkn, senang sgt jwpn dia".. Ya Allah... ni yg uat ak tachingg sgt...

Baru ak sedar. Npe ak, manusia nk menentukan nasib ak sendiri? mana pergantungan spenuhnya kt Allah..? xkn waktu mghafal je nk bertawakal.. jwb exam , xpayah? huhu.. :'((
ni lagi sedih.. lagi sedih...  **ni la ak kan, lg byk ckp,lg byk tulis. bru nmpk kslahan sndiri**

sedih.. nak nangis kuat2. nisa bru g kelas. jd nak nangis. :'(

then, psl lab bio. seriusli. ak xley jawab post-lab quiz. blank kot. ad dlm 20 soalan. n 40 tmpat kosong. maybe ak dpt half je la. yg lg half. ak failed. and, yg kecewa tau sbb ap? sbb jwpn dia ad kt situ je. jwpn dia ad, klu ak serius wktu mdm bg briefing. satu step je lg.. satu step je... sbnrnya, ak fokus. ak dgr, catat nota. tp tu la.. xde rezki.. ap yg ak catat xmasuk, tp dia masuk yg lain. n paling berkecai, berderai jiwa ni.. sbb bnda tu senang, n ak xdpt jawab.. malu. malu sgt. malu gle dgn org lain. yg jwb dgn tenang. malu. sedihh..

Semua ni sbb BIO.

dh dua hari mcm ni. zati, recover cepat. jgn putus asa. buktikan. bg last kuiz ni full marks! bosan dh acik2 markah average.. 15,17,18. nk 20/20!!!  

Allah is the best place for us to put hope and to depend on. 


After my previous post, I hav changed and i hated it too much. lost my spirit. my determination and the worst. that sleeping***k*** habit appears again. Damn! And its getting tougher to write in here, just to realize how bad my English is and my vocab! Life is frustrating~ 

Disappointment anywhere. 

*aku tipu. seharian ni aku sedih dan tadi, Allah telah mempermudahkan urusan ku. Positif? Ye. positif. tp, still ak rasa sedih dgn keadaan ni. tgok2 plak 10 April? Ya, baru sebulan menginjak usia 20. cmne kalau 10? 20 bulan kmudian?? haishh.. AKu. AKU.

AKU. berubah la.

AKU. tolong la jadi kuat.

AKU. jangan la pernah mengeluh.

AKU. nape xcuba perbaiki.??

AKU. bersedihlah. tp jgn biar diri hanyut.

AKU. bersyukur la. sessungguhnya, masih mghirup udara. bernafas di ruang bumi.

AKU. sedar la. Allah takkan menguji klu bkn dgn kemampuan mu.

AKU. menangislah.....


Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 April 2012


Entry ke-2 hari ni. tu la.. konon la kn bgun awal pg nk stdy la, ap la.. sudahnya, pas subuh. bc mtsurat pun suara dgr,xdgr.. terus sambung semula tdo. sampai ke tgh hari. Mmg kata nk stdy la kn?

Conclusion: Jangan tdo lewat.

Dlu, klu bnda cmni berlaku. kompem. down abess la.. rsa nk sob2.. yela, nk stdy. tp jd overslept.

 dhtu, hari ni tdo yg xberapa nk kualiti. sbb bkn main byk lg drama (mimpi). at last, satu pun xigt. n rsa sedihh..

Cuma, tu la. fikirkan positif aje la. Pasti ad hikmah. Mesti td x bgun awal.. sbb xnk stdy tu jd burden. kang dh ngntok, paksa diri. benda senang pun jd susah. Kan? So, positif aje la.

lgpun, xde la lama sgt pun.. Plus minus ad la dlm 8jam tdo. xde la teruk sgt kn? even bgun tgh hari, tp dh tdo ye 3lbey. kan? Kan? So.. Positif mmg terbaekk la...

After tu, stdy even ngntok2 sbb dh exxcessive sleep.mmg bdn jd lemauu la. tp, nk tdo pun xsampai hati. sbb, hello. boley mengagak tak nak malas? ha. cmtu la. jd, sampaila skang.. dgr azan asar trus g solat la. sbb klu di lengah2, kompem. ap pun xdpt..

Td, analyse balik hikmah solat 5 waktu. Dgn susunan bilangan rakaat yg sempurna, masa yg teratur. Boleh jadi alarm clock gk kan? Bgun awal pg = solat Subuh. Rehat = solat Zuhur. riadah = solat Asar. dhtu, magrib ley jd indicator utk spend time kt sejadah. And isya, sbgi alarm utk start study semula..

Woahh. terasa bahagia pk benda ni :)

Tu la, manusia. expeciali cm ak ni. emosi je memanjang. Kalau mampu waras dan berfikir secara hikmah, banyak kebaikannya. byk maksud yg tersirat di sebalik perkataan "Tiap kejadian ad hikmah".  

Lepas down, kte tau. Xpe la, tiap kejadian ad hikmah. Tp, klu fikir scara mendalam ap hikmahnya. pro and cons. pasti terasa besar 'hikmah' tu.

err, entah la. Mesti org yg baca ni pun pening kan? Haha.

Xde misi pape pun nk tulis sbnrnya. Online ni pun sbb xnak tdo. menunggu masa utk trun ke kiosk kul 5.40ptg. Plus, nak baca artikel IluvIslam. Kui3..


Mirror.. Mirror..

Assalamualaikum :)

Baru tamat ber-ym dgn mok2. Rindu dia. Lagi2 pas tgok movie td.. Yela, klu before ni.. msti akan tgok dgn mok2..  N, bukannya concntrate kt wayang pun. tp kt muka mok2 yg fokus tgok.. especiali klu tgok Harry Potter.. khusyuk abes la :)

Mirror.. Mirror..

best! tp, feeling tgok dia x se-best cm Hunger Games.. cm The vow! Perhaps, caused by the seats, timing.. ? tp, xkesah la. Overall. 4/5. Memang puas hati!! n sgt sweet~ yg paling xbley blah.. lagu last2 tu.. mmg bollywood abess laaa :))

Well, crita yg lebih menarik slain tgok wyg ad la.. wyg antara rumate ak dgn skandal dia. HAHAhAAAA.

Bkn wyg apa pun. n bkn skandal ap pun.. cma, my rumate. she met with her schoolmate. and that guy, haha. 
No comment. **excited abess la..

Dah2. nk gelak ni teringat balik~ awak ni mmg sopan orgnya kn? bagus! :)

ok la. gtg. nk kena bgun awal pg. nk stdy! Go zati. 

Weekend yg xmcm weekend. sedih. tp, suka je main vb. cme it took time la. and of course, duit gak. argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Layankn aje laaaaa....

btw, after paper final bio. nak tgok Snow White and the Huntsman :)
mungkin, mnggu dpn nk tgok TITANIC 3D. ad org nk sponsorr?? haha


Friday, April 6, 2012

First training : UIAM Gombak :)

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Alhamdulillah. selamat sampai di CFS dgn bucuk masam xmandi lg, trus online. HAHA. Nk uat cmne, kembung lg perut ni mkn KFC? huuh. xpe. syukur. yg penting , perut terisi.

Td, dh start gathering balik team2 IPTIM. woahh. rindu abes la.
n training, seriusli best. nk spike lagi. nk.

n paling best, skang dh konfiden nk serve atas! yes. klu dlu, em.. segan2 la dpn coach konon. tp, td. sekali dua je guna yg bwh. then yg lain sume serve atas. instinct. konfiden tu ad. Thanks Allah. n bertambah2 smgt ble kena 'tegur' dgn coach. " Good zati. Good serve. bg maintain!" Yess!! 

So, till 28 April ni. training every friday. xsure la mcm ne. susah kot nk gather org. dh ad kuantan, gombak, pj lg.. N, xtau opponent kuat mana. n training pun sminggu skali. tgok la cmne..

Ap pun, this is my first time- join open turnament! Hoping the best. Amin.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

STEP 3: borang MERAH

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah, keje hari ni dipermudahkn.
Online pun sbb nk download tuto and nk print evaluation form utk mdm.

Borang MERAH.

Ya, dh ambil pd 2 April. n submit pd 3April, smlm.

Moga dipermudahkn... 

- di short-listkan utk interview
- lepas interview dgn jayanya

will update time to time.

Doakan. doakan. doakan :))

Sunday, April 1, 2012

together : family

Assalamualaikum. Rajin plak nk update gambar2. This time je la.
Time malas, malas sungguh. HAHA.

Akceli, bru tiba CFS hari ni. gerak 9.40pg. tba kul 12 lebih cmtu. kemas2, mkn2.. kul 1 dh start buka buku. USAHA!  kn 1 month-trial test attitude. mmg kena struggle. tp, td kul 4 dh pening2.. em, slalunya tdo. ni balik2 trus buka buku. pas 2jam lebih, mula la nk pengsan. haha.

nk tdo, takut. takutt sgt exceed smpai after isya'. so, online la. igtkn kejap. tp stgh jam dh.. em, after ni. trus nk salin notes bio. xde la dlm kelas, kelam kabut.

orait, last few pics for this time :)

my ayah and ibu. after more than 21years together <3

my younger sis with me. KAMI geng daah skang! :)

satu kepala! ayah, anak sulung and anak no-3.  HAHA

secret recipe, ice-cream cake! sedappp sgt!

kek batik biskut marie. bru uat smlm utk dimkn brsma rumate! :)))
ad taburan hazelnut skali.. over x? hoho. btw, malas nk snap lebih2..

got to go~  Nk tengok Mirror.. Mirror...

Take care semua!

Zati, study!!!!!

Smac 2012 and pics


Happy April <3

Nah. gambar SMAC- Volleyball yg lepas. Game sister during 17 Mac 2012 :)
Alhamdulillah, GOLD satu!

Alhamdulillah. GOLD!

Bebdk volley(sis) ngn bdminton. tengok no saya! :)

muchos muchos syggg <3

7 of us.  nabila-namirah-faizah-zati-zahid-ilma-fizah- intan(wakil nad yg xdtg.hehe) pyka ngn nad xdpt ad :(

KAMI GENG IPTIM!!! atty yg kt tgh. skang wakil econs(bronze). ktorg MEDCy

with adilah - champion single+double bdmnton. terbaik dia ni. taiko bdmnton, smpai dh training ngn bebdk dgree. ak, hrap ak pn dpt jadi taiko volley :)  n both of us. 10 March's sweetyyy :))

Tadaa. Tu je!  Thank you. hehe