Monday, April 23, 2012

Alhamdulillah. 5th STEP.


List name interview dah kuar. And im one of them. Syukur.

Syukur sgt coz im not rejected and have the oppurtunities. Keluar hari ni, dan esok interview. Phewww..!
Tak rasa nak study. I have to prepare for this wisely and perfectly(though,nobody perfect!)

Kebetulan, mlm ni ad program "Grand Solat Hajat". What a blessed! And briefing psl Community service at 10.45pm. tgokla cmne. Even, ad talk mlm ni brsmpna program solat hajat ni. Imam Muda Hizbur, Dean's List vs Deen's List. xrasa mcm nk dgr.. tp, alang2 dh pergi masjid, xkn nk blah cmtu plak?

As for now, baru azan. nak terus mandi,solat and prepare!


Panel 2.

Lucky 18. May Allah ease me.

57 candidates. 43 to be chosen.

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