Saturday, April 14, 2012



Hi. :)

Im done watching Twilight's Trailer Part 2 which i think will going to be an awesome movie( as always.. )..and always in my MUST-WATCH movie list. HAHA. definitely, Twilight is one my favourite series. I dont care about the others. especially when they tend to boo this movie, annoyed me with their opinion. Well, just stop it. Everyone is different. Respect. For me, those girls(specifically) in love with Twilight is not based on the hero's pale-handsome face? err. not for me. but the empathy. putting myself in that lovey-dovey condition.. the love. sacrifice. and last but not least, their romance. kui3...  

today. another step-up into my vb player's life. hard. fast. but interesting enough to keep me engage with the game. Insya-Allah, with Allah's will. im going to play, and play till 40's? HAHA. seriously. 

Well, I AM lazy. very. and im intense with this situation. ahh, im hoping someone? my roomate? Just some one. to take care of me. to wake me up. encourage me. Calling me till im awake. support me. care enough for me, and put this pieces into one-strong spirit. determination for a success. but i cudnt find one. and i realised. I must stop hoping for that 'someone' to appear. What matter now is me, MYSELF.

MYSELF. yah, zati. u r strong. be strong.

Ok. bet. kalau this week starts on today. Saturday, 14April. If i manage to wake up early and study.(but im not robot! and i rely on my mood. huhu.) ok, then. minimum 6hours a day, i can hav what i want. And what I want is.....................................

For the mean time, em. em..

Raspberry ice-cream blended(again) and strawberry! Yeah. Interesting. Work on from this Saturday and be rewarded on the next Tuesday, 24April. Though, long time to go. -.-

Ok. I hav to add some 'spice' on the reward. Perhaps, later on! 

** My mok2~ call me if u miss me!.. **


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