Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Cant spend too much time in front of my lappy coz im totally exhausted. waiting from 8am and only be interviewed at 1.35 pm.  So, will go straight forward ya.. 

Coz, we rarely contact each other and im pretty sure that u want to know what happened during the interview. kan, mok2? :)

Kena gather kt Lecture Hall A. tp, postponed to 8.20am. Again, postpone lg coz our interviewers- Dean, Asst Director, Lecturers (4org) stuck dlm jammed. tp kesian diorg, sbb gerak dri UIA Kuantan kul 5pagi. hehe

They safely arrived. Short briefing about the kuliyyah. Many pics.
Our Dean is super-kind, energetic and friendly.
Cant wait to go to main camp~
Well,im quite sad coz i walked alone to the hall. n sit alone. pathetic. but, Alhamdulillah, few mins later, the others joined me during the briefing :)

Interview began. Sekejap gila! 
tp, yg ptotnya 2 panel jadi SATU panel. our dean nk tgok sume candidates. haha
so, ak no 18. turns out jd no 46 kot. tp, still. ad 5 people amik tmpt ak sbb kelas.

Waiting patiently. xdpt nk gerak mana2 coz management officer kta, mgkin nk uat group. mgkin dua2. mgkin? Tp, kesudahannya, semua sorg2! :)
Start to chat with the others. getting new friends. find a new gang :)

totally in huger. but my turn getting nearer. excited and nervous.
but then, after azan. the panels want the students who have class to be interviewd first. again, im waiting.

5 students yg masuk before ak sgt skejap. within 3-4 mins. n questions yg dia taye, about ur parents, their job,siblings and thats it. Tak best kan?
Alhamdulillah, time ak lasted for about 10mins :)
Suka, rasa terharu. n sgt excited.

~Malasnya nak taip lg.. nk tdo.. hehe~

so, roughly. the questions for me?!

- nape pics kt borg intrview lain dgn skang? npe ramai sgt suka pakai contact lens. n nape ak pakai?
= sports ap yg ak join?
- npe, ak xnk stay kt pmacy?npe ak nk jd dentist?
= npe ak kte dentist menarik?
- pointer strong, npe xminta medic?
- ap yg ak tau psl dentist?
- bdang mana nk major..?
- ayh polis ke? (based on my address)
- cawangan kerja ayah, skop kerja ayah, pangkat ayah. haha
- pkerjaan ibu
- duk alor gajah?
- cucur udang alor gajah? tukar tempat?
- npe xbwa mknan tu..?
- expected final cgpa

And lastly, they asked me to keep on struggling and maintain my result. 
"No harm when u achieve the good results, Dr Akbar) 2012.
 Yeah. :)

- means that they quest directly while = were asked based on my answers

So, tu la kan? Overall famous question.

- Why do u want to be a dentist?
- tell me about your family (parents, siblings)
- Pointer, go to medic?
- sacrificing vacation time, busy. 
- stress

then, if im good(rajin) enough, ill explain in details how i answer the questions and hows the environment during the interview. Seriously, they are so nice. friendly. provocative! but idealistic. and energetic! :)

Allah, ease me. Guide me :)

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