Sunday, April 15, 2012

PAVLOVA, love it!


Oh, im getting excited just to write the title.

PAVLOVA. do u know what is it?

some Australian traditional dessert. and trust me. So, so, delicious!

Yesterday, my bos gave us this Pavlova-things. with strawberries. Oh, my..

The last piece specially for me. hehe. (since i went training and unable to present myself during the party)

im going to try this! 

Well, well. mok2. why dont u try this? hehe


  1. kn time bday atie amir wt moist cake n ade strwberry kt ats kek 2.. lbey kurg je la..

    1. kek dlm gmba atie 2 ade 2 je.. amir ritu lg blmbak strwberry...

  2. HEHE. yela amir oiyy. its not about the strawberriessss only.but the taste of this PAVLOVA. seriously. well, why must u compare with ur own cake? JELESS la tuuu.. haha