Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my beloved friend, eby to Russia.

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful and The Wise.

Its been a long time, I lost myself. Try to disappear from all of my friends. Try to hate them and forget them. But in reality, i failed. Unable. Unable to sweep all the memories with them from this.. This mind.. 

Why i did this? The only reason is my SPM results. It has been the part of my past but the wound will never ever cured. 7As. embarassing.

Well, Eby is my bestfriend. And Insya-Allah, forever be. She is a great girl with strong determination. I met her in my lower secondary school, MJSC PDRM Kulim. Thank to Allah, we manage to go to the same upper secondary in Taiping. Nevertheless, since then, we've been separated through different classes, busy time and packed schedule. 
In Taiping, i meet with new Eby. She became more focused and determined while me~ flew away with love. And the result is seen now. Eby has travelled far away across the world and hours to Russia and me,myself.. stuck in Malaysia. However, alhamdulillah.. UIA is still a better place for me rather than any high schools or matriks.. MAybe..

 Well, thanks to Facebook. I manage to see her glorious face, the joyful and sweet moment. Yeah. She is in Russia. As a friend, i am very happy for her, and sad for myself. she know her path. To go to Russia, n be a doctor. While me?.. Still confused and blurred around. Exams, everythng.. Just be done as usual.. with no vision or mission... And at last, im alone. Insya-Allah,, i will find my courage. And do something for my goodness.

p/s : We are not so lame as what we think. Explore. Cause, we will be able to grow.

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