Saturday, August 27, 2011

New post in FB

Never make somebody your everything coz when they're gone, you've got nothing. by Ain Hanani. i like it!   
ok, well. dh lme x activate fb. ad skali tu ON, but then within a day. dh deactivate blek. but dis time, i'll not deactivate it again. For a long time.. for sure.
nice right? quote/words above? i simply measure it as a whole. dramatic n pathetic. but i would like to add sumthng at the sentence. its not like we got nothing. but whats left is pain n hurt.(those differs?) but as im going to b an optimistic one. i rather said, i got experienced and memories. Nice and also bad ones. thats life! Rolling in the eyes... haha
 Amir-zati? Im not sure.. My heart is longing for his attention. I hurtly need to hear his voice. Everytime.. or at least before my bedtime. i want to meet him, even my ego says NO. I love him. n he loves me too. That is our promised. But then, i realised.we need to move on. Life is not easy. We are not yet winners in this life, even in our own dreams. We are still stuck in the importance of studies.. Where money matters a lot. No education, no way. No money, no life?! Peh. I need to focus.But i hate dis! I want to be like a fish. Floating n swimming whenever i want. enjoying every moment in my life. Sleeping, watching movies, stdying whenever i want. without no desperation n no force. no pressure.. (means no area? P=F/A? Haha. )but dats not me. im a human. a survival ones. and i need to move on. .. Shit.
 I believe. discipline matters. important. tp. ak bkn. n ak xnk jd ory yg bdisplin. ak nk jd free-
So itu la yg akn berubah pasni. no matter how hurt it is. i wll be. walaupn ak tpksa scrifice, tdo ak yg indah. katil ak yg best.haha. bngok! im 19 n going to 20. npe still pk nk tdo je? haishh.. n ak nk jd org yg pyabar.
" for every 1 minute imm angry, i lost 60seconds of happiness" Peh.rugi. As for Amir,
"i want to be a girl he scared to lose,the one where he cant walk away from knowing she's mad at him,the one who cant fall asleep without her voice being the last one he hears and the one he cant live without"
but postpone dlu la... i'll be that girl. later on..
Kami x bpisah. its just, we r on break.. to find the best for ourselves which in other words, it means. for our future.
so, at the moment.
1. salam ramadhan.
2. selamat hari raya
3. i just want to be- myself back.

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