Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selamat hari ulgbln 34~

Salam. Hai.

Selamat hari ulgbln ke-34.
Lme dh tu kot? almost 3 years.
Alhamdulillah. xbosan. masih syg. sentiasa~

But still. today.
i feel lonely.
im alone..
i dont have anyone..

maybe, the truth is. im the one who executed myself from the others. But what cn i do. I just feel that im alone, n prefer to be alone. Going to CIMB alone, by myself. is ordinary. but sitting therre.. alone.. kt buaian.. waiting for nobody. or to be exact, waiting for the breeze to pull of my bad moods.. is extra-ordinary.

DOWn. the perfect word. what cn i do? Bfore posting dis entry, i was writing on Izat's blog. hope dat he'll reply soon. I need him more than i need myself now. kot? 

Huhu.. im pathetic. i hate dis. but then,  how? i dont know. how to cure this. i pray.. a lot.. i cried.. and it lead me to more emptiness.. at the end, here i am.. feelingless. hatred toward myself. DONE.

What a hepi ulgbln kn? Huh.

if i am brave enough, i'll go to Pulau Perhentian. Now. but i cant. Tomorrow, ad kuiz. ad training bola tmpar... May everything turns out to be the best, tomorrow. though. naik bas UIA- nk muntah! huhu

Till then, sori for all my wrongdoings...

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