Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Best 30secs

Alhamdulillah. skang ni ak dok taye2 la kt member, psl calling2 perantauan ni.. 
Rindu la u! Hm. But then, slalu teringat dan syukur. Thnks Allah... Thats priceless. 30secs while he was in Bahrain(now, Insya-allah in Tanta).. His voice- Nice.. Warmth. 

Semoga segala urusan awk dpermudahkn ye.. Balik Msia dgn selamat. Kmi sume akn slalukn doakn awk. Insya-Allah.

Klu ad pape, dont hesitate to ask us, to share with us.. Although we are thousand miles apart, but our heart always been together.

Friend forever. U're my bet friend! My best companion. N my best present i get from Allah.

Take care!!! Sincerely, with lots of love... 

~ 100hrs after we've been far apart ~

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