Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Selamat tinggal


*Pasang playlist zizan ft dina- Selamat tinggal*

Hewheuheuu.. over yg amat. Tp selamat tinggal. Will no longer updates here. InsyaAllah, already made a new account. Jangan cari.

Ya ya. Mmg ak tak privatekn pun blog ak. Tp ak malu tau klu org baca. Hiks. Kdg2 for our temporary feelings, people misjudged us permanently. Yeah, im bad. Im insecure. Over-reacted.blablablaa... but am also a human. And i baik tau. Hahaha :D

So. Alhamdulillah. Change is good. I go first uolsss.. please pray for my consistancy. And pray for my success as a dental student. Am really sorry  for evrythng.

To you, my only reader i bet. Sorry for the hurtful not perfect. 
To fana who might read this sometimes later, hey girl. Thnks for evrythng. 
To others who accidentally jump into the link and read. Thank you.
And to me. The author. Be happy. Be who you are.

Hence. Assalamualaikum


  1. boleh x whatsapp sy link blog baru awk..
    no whatsapp sy lbey kurg no whatsapp awk..
    cme tuka hujung drpd 169 kpd 319..

  2. qila pun nak.. :)
    Always pray for my fren. be happy, girl!
    miss u a lot