Saturday, November 13, 2010

ak xtdo g?.

With the name of Allah..
(Alamak, ble igt Allah. straight rsa bsalah sbab mlyn sgt prasaan td..)

Hm.xpe la.. Let me finish.
Skang ni kul 3.56 pg dh. 13 Nov 2010.
Sbnarye td sgt penat.. Jga stall ONE STOP CENTRE~ FSCC.
Well,xde la teruk sgt pn.. but, standing+waiting+washing all the mgkuk2,periuk2,brmcm jnis bekas is quite tiring..
However, Alhamdulillah...
Evrythng runs smoothly n d most important thing is,

Npe?... Sbb nk cuba hilgkn kekusutan kt pale ni.
Smlm, ad gi talk organised by MEDCY entitled,
It's All About Adam And Eve..
Well, for those who are not really involved in Rafest,
they surely will think sort of love,male,female stories..
But,the truth is, the organiser try to reveal the real facts about s*x education in Islam.... To concern, ++++
N,seriusli. They have chose the best speaker~ Ust Shaari.
Suka2.. wpn ptotye ad meeting FSCC, still gk nk pegi.. ( Alhamdulillah.meeting cancel!! hehe) N, add++ Wife dia pn ad skali.. Wah.. sweet sgt...
Xsabar nk khwin!! ~ huish. hot statement. =)

Tau x, sbnrye.. byk bnda nk uat time weeknd...
I love weekend!!! 
Sbb rsaye, time weekend ni la ley cover notes
(dhla sem ni byk gler subjek mghafal~ sastera.. )
lecture bio,, tutorials,, reports,,, revision...
Not forgotten, tdo teramat sgt paling sungguh LENA+LAMA..
N, ble dh involve utk Bazaar...
sy tsgt2 la runsing....
cmne ni??... nk bhgi msa...??
Ok.. tp. krg kuantiti bg sy sama la krg kualiti.
Seriusli, kte xley pilih kuantiti atau kualiti. 
Both are really importants!!! Pk2 kn la....~~~~

Okeyh. Dsebabkan itu, tp kini. berblog la plak yeh??..
Sy ni dh x btoi ka?.. huhu..
Tp, nk uat cmne?.. i reali cant sleep.
N, i cant stdy too....
Otak xley nk focus. ( Ni alasan kemalasan ke?. Ntahla. )
xpe la...

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men:  time.  ~Napoleon I, Maxims, 1815 

Ok2. Masa itu emas.
Sy akan berusaha........
Zati, kuatkn smgt. Kuat,kuat,

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