Friday, November 5, 2010

sy stuju!

well, td mrjinkn diri bc blog Ahmad Sharil.
interesting. n in fact, it become more interesting
as i noticed that he was born on 8 March.
haha,,,, what the heck with his bfdy rite?..
But well, its up to me.
suka hti la. hoho..

Well, di sini.. sy nk copy link blog dia.
di mana sy rsa post ni plg mantap,kejam,n jujur!

To: Ahmad Sharil.
Maaf yer, mncuri link kmu.
xpe2.. promote.hehe.

n thnks.. coz dis post simplify all my thoughts!

:: Flabbergasted Burble


  1. haha, no hal lah.. 8 March punyer geng memang straight to the point and kejam.. haha..

  2. haha... in proper word. UNIQUE..
    tp, yg lhir 10 mac ni krg kejam sikit la.. hehe