Sunday, June 12, 2011

I-City : From my view

Well, for this post. I reali want to talk about I-City which is located in Shah Alam n now, has been awarded with MSC Cyberjaya Centre. Cool ha.? But thats not it. (I mean the real intention for doing this post)
actually, this can be reconsider as an ASSIGNMENT. Haha. 

Actually. I invited Amir, oh. miss him!
Continue... Yes, im inviting Amir Ridwan to go together with me to the I-City and then he asked, what is it? N. Oh. Im very very tired at that moment.thus, im asking if he will read about it in my entry.n so, this is it.( Well, if im asking for him to read on his own~seriously, im not very sure he will. LOL)

so, Mr Amir Ridwan. Read this carefully.

I-City, Shah Alam

Well. There are sections that were done but, it'll completely build on 2015 =)
Tp, bukan bgunan di atas yg mnjadi pujaan.. Sebalik ye.. yg kt bwh ni... Tgok tau!!! Ramai kwn2 yg dh g. N all of them said, thers nothing much unless thousands of lights. But. it is so damn much for me.. To be there with our loved ones. ROMANTIC. Yes. exactly. Tp. lately ni dh kecoh.. psl snow2.. igtkn ice-skating, tp rupaye snow walk..
Cm lg best la!!!! ( Jap ea.. still searching data )


Firstly, map to go there....
 hA, experts from China and also Korea....

Dgn suhu serendah -5 drjh Celcius, salji tiruan tu hampir 90% myamai dgn salji sebenar.... Wpn, ad sstgh org yg komen, ais dia lg kasar dri ABC la.. pe la.. but. bsyukur la. at least, Malaysia ad gk pusat tarikan cmni.. N, utk sape2 tmasuk ak yg masih x nkmampuan melancong ke luar ngara nk rasa cmne pgang salji, OK kn I-City ni!! =) Hehe.. N. to those yg komplen. Mana la ciptaan manusia dpt menandingi ciptaan Allah s.w.t =)

 N hrga ni trmasuk skali sewa bju sejuk.. Sewa kasut plak RM 10,  xcmpulsory pn nk sewa, bgus jgak kn.. Sbb pakej sewa kasut ni skali dgn stokin. Ble tgh jln2, byk tmpat yg licin.. Jd. kna consider btul2, btul ke xnk sewa..?

Ok. Rasa yer cukup kot.. Klu nk g, pegi la waktu mlm.. Lighting dia terbaik la... =) 


So. ap mcm Amir Ridwan.
Pegi jom!!!

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