Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kisah NOMIna..

Iye.. Kisah NOMIna.. hehe. ap tu ea?
Sbnarye, rini nk citer psl kisah yg brlaku td.. NOMIna tu sbnarye NOMINATION. haha. NOMINATION COMMITTEES utk hisbah ktorg... Sgt kelakar rini.n well, quit embarassing for me.specifically.

Well, now we r in level 6, Halimatus Saadiah.. No longer 417.. Ha, Alhamdulillah, great! a bigger room n more convenient.. No brick-walls, no spatial arrangement probs.. =)
N, just now, we're having hisbah meeting.. To hear new rules, getting new outing card n last but not least.. new line-up for our hisbah. Haha.. Before this, we. my rumates tends to act as if we will nominate ourselves with those titles.. Husna as our president.(well, she is so-so-studyholic, thats why la.. we want her to be the president.by hoping she'l get busy with the curriculum xtvties) While, Syaza as our Head Education Bureau. yes.she deserved it. Btw, husna n syaza are reali super-studyholic.( kuat gle stamina stdy pg ke mlm! Bdk 4-0 plat tu!!!  ) N, ad library kecil kt lvel ni. Sesuai la kn.. Coz dua budak rajin ini mmg suka study di STUDY ROOM bkn STUDYTIDO di bilik tidur.. haha  =)
Nisa plak jd Head Discipline... Slalu komen2.. psl kbrsihan, kekemasan. Well.shes gud at it. Tgur pn, bnda betul.. Bagus la kn? Ha.. calon ibu mithali la kte kn.. n, ak?? head Sports n Recreation. Oh yeay!! Bola tampar.hehe. Or. ak nk treasurer sbnrye... Dri high school mmg nk sgt jd treasurer, but i always being appointed as pres, vice-pres. well.glad. peeps trust me.but still.. hoping...

N, td. i was hoping thats become reality deep in my heart. Cme yer, waktu nomination, ktorg xpun.. diam.. ckp2 sikit.. n pastu ak ckp la, nk salah sorg jd.. tp sume xnk.. n ak suggest, kte brsama. empat2 org.. uat gle (!) n nisa cm ragu2.. syaza, blur2.. husna plak cm stuju.haha. so, thats it! Next.....
Ak, dgn slumber ye angkt tgn.. ( ber-fighting la gk coz mmg dh perasan ad bbrapa lg sis angkt tgn..) alhamdulillah. mdm knal ak =) n, mdm kte ad lg 4 vacancy. 4 je weyh!!! 4.. n ak pn...
" Mdm, we- room 638 wants to.. we r volunteering for being commitees.. bla..... "
n, mdm kte. Ok. Nomination over. Fuh.. so close ha.?

Alhamdulillah... this is a guidance. To my dearest rumates.. Husna-Syaza-Nisa...
i was hoping that four of us will get the benefits from these nominations. N, gurls... im truly sorry if i was burdening u guls with this invitation/volunterring-tion. I hope.. we can do it together.. Do it with our best.. Do it because of Allah... n last but not least.. Do it as our memories//experiences during the senior year!! Oh yeah!... Gurls. Love ya.
Sori, once again..... especiali to Syaza la. bcoz education xde pn, yg ad dakwah n tarbiyah. hehe. sme je.. cme... =)

So, the results.

Husna : Head Publication and Information
Syaza : Asst Head Publication and Information
Nisa : Head Discipline
zati : Treasurer =)

Oh... love it so much..... =))
Go,go, Chaiyok KC 638!!


  1. hahaha~~ can be considered like ur dream come true la neyh???? hahahaha

  2. yela meme.. ak suka sgt!! syukur.. heheee...