Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today : Looks like better.(!)

Baik. Set : 4.19pm. xley lmbat2..

Well, actuali.. Tgh ber'evony'.. Bygkn bgn tdo td.. Trus mghdap evony n then bru gerak ke toilet.. Aku gle EVONY? Rsa ye x. But, since evony ni cm just one click, n u need to wait for more than half an hour(in certain constructions) i cant bear to go to toilet first./ Dats why, jd mcm ni. Gle evony? Nope. But gle selfish. Haha. Thats right!

Ok. sbnrye, i was hoping and pray(of course) to hav more strength today so that this day will become better than yesterday. is it so?


1. ystrday, i spend for 4hrs(maybe more) in MidVel. But today.nope. Instead, during morning.I was stdying+ Evony'ing..
2. Today, i bought a more 'economical 'lunch(oh gosh! i cant find the perfect words to dscribe it) then ysterday. of course la kn.. KFC n UKC..? Haha.
3.More.. more..?
4. Ha, i woke up earlier today. Although i got Off Day from Allah,The Lord. (the term used in Holy Quran.Better get used with it ) =)
5. And today. i read more pages of the novels in order to improve, n improve my sucks English. oops!
6. Yet, ... (For tonight: Please zati. stop urself from so eager-ing in the Dream High Korean Drama.haha. its seriously so, so, funny.. Ktorg berempat-satu rumate.Oopps. English.. We r relaxing after hrs stdying.n watched Dream High. but since the drama ended with a very heart-breaking plot. We, again. for another few episodes. Crazy, huh??. =)
Hurm.Thats all i can remember, n today. I think it is quite nonsense to be so- systematic in Evony. I am too focus in that game.haha. The reason why i did so : ONE CLICK, n forget it.but its temporery.need to click it, again n again after few moments. So.this time. I cant. I MUST focus more in studies. Although 3 subjects only. but these sbjects gonna hav percentages that will influence my career-future. Oh Dentistry!.. =)

Azan~  Out. Insya-Allah.want to read Matsurat. n further on with my delayed in Chems..
Love ya.

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