Saturday, May 26, 2012



Im not okay.

But. Its okay to be not okay.

Ive start to read again :)

Yesterday, i wish I cn buy few novels but its ridiculous? Knowing that u cn hav it half price in Amcorp Mall, then why shud I buy it at Popular? hehe.

At last, frustrated for not having any new books. 
End up finishing this super-helping information book

Men from Mars. Women from Venus by John Gray.
Ever heard of it but never try to read it?
Go ahead and try.

Its not bout relationship only. but, to know psychology of diff gnders.
and to know YOU

Im not okay. And i dont want to involve in any decision-making issues.

As far as im concern. I hate u ! For not reading the book. And dont even try to understand me.
I hate me. for reading the book but avoid improvise actions.

Okay then. Im not okay.
And i want to be alone.

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