Sunday, May 27, 2012



This is really confusing. 
Its okay when Im watching TV.
Okayy, when i boast about someone else.
Practically hoping to get married *as a matter of revenged?

Have a friend. Married. Being so happy. Blessed with Galaxy Note, golds, anything she wanted
Anyone to propose me?
I want to hav it too.
*The good sides revealed. but the other side? huh -.-

Zati, stop being so childish.
Stop wishing 
* yeahh, i want attention. i want to argue. i want to love and be loved. i want new fon. i want ! i want !

and grateful for what I hav
* its not enough when uve been doing sujud syukur evrytime after solat. improve ur good deeds and reduce ur negative sides

Talking is easy. Thats why, ACTIONS determine.

Stop talking, Lets do something !

*I was cooking before. the taste was 6 out of 10. huhuhu

And no matter how I tried to forget him, blamed him. It turns out the idea that

WE are okay

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