Friday, January 27, 2012

always find the reason

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Oh yea. the first sentence I would like to tell U all. Get me an Oreo McFlurry! Please..!! Anyone?

Nah, ice-blended pun okay la. Thnks nisa. :)

Orait, today, suppose to be my first class. My first foreign class since last week I absent for a camping at Tg Piai. Unluckily, the class was cancelled today.. frustrating, huh? But that was not the point. Its me. I found it was difficult to cope with my unstable emotion- others attitude. or to be exact, MISTAKES. it seems that I need perfection during this moment.

Ya, never blamed them. Evrything happened for a reason. I realised, they never meant to do this and that to me. And even me, doing mistakes today. All and all, I came out with a conclusion:-  we tend to accept our loved ones mistake but not others. We try to tolerate their faulty by thinking all the good sides. but when the trouble caused by others-who is not-so-important in our lives. Doom. 

Sad because our loved ones. Then, always find a reason to be happy. Its okay to be sad. Tp, jgn lebih2 la. Siapa yg rugi kn? I nyesal sgt kot xikut gerak hati. xcuba jd berani today. but then? bkn sengaja. just this time, mmg xberapa nk sihat. though, unable to decide wisely. Last2 kmpunan.. HAHA.

I wish to have someone by my side. Now, if I request for the Oreo McFlurry. He will come all the way here with the ice-cream just to make me HAPPY. gosh. it cant be HE. kena cari Genie la! 

p/s : Sy serabut. Tggu sehari dua lg...

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