Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Post FB (2)

Bismillah :)

Its been a long time being together, long time far apart also. but still, it feels like the first time for everytime ♥
-Nur Izzati Aisyah Azhar-

ok, ignore the grammatical errors. ignore all of the mistakes. but get attached with the meaning. Reali. Even, more than 3 years , plus. long-distance relationship. The result, at the moment. alhamdulillah..

Tak bosan.
Tak muak.
Tak jelek.

Tak. Tak. Tak.

Nak teruskan.
Nak tunggu.
Nak sabar.

Nak. Nak. Nak.

haha :))

So,  Absence makes heart grow fonder. It works for me la kot this time.. At the age yg nk ke puluh-an. hehe.

Em, xde la. entry kali ni uat bkn sbb nk menunjuk ke ap. Bkn ad niat trsmbunyi cm nk bangga2 or ap. 


Sy nk mklumkan kt awak tu, yg tgh mmbaca ni.. Yg jauh kt sana tuu..

Thank you very much! Pray for us ya :)
Study hard. Study smart. 

** happy terigt time chatting. almklumla, months kot xchatting.. :))