Thursday, March 31, 2011



*my condition is not very gud.
physically n mentally abused..cewah.

i cried a lot last night.
then.start to rmember citer "Kejora dan Bintang" bcoz, i often said how stupid those characters whose always crying.n nver try hard for d sake of their happiness. easily surrender n being fooled by another party.

I told that to my mum. n she agreed. but, yesterday.
she said. " nk uat cmne.. cinta bkn boleh dipksa. cinta ni kn parah. mcm atie la.. diam2 nges bwh selimut.igt inu xtau ke? "
Dush! My adrenaline rush.haha..
i totally.n must be ashamed. thats the truth.
Well.i am so into him.
Seriously. he's my first.n my last.
People-my bsfrens told me how much i hav cvhanged since this 'incident' but i dont really care.yeah. that's what my mum told me. Chronicles of love.

eish?. pe hal dgn ak ni..
gle ap..?? ntah la.. ak pn tetba rsa mkin down ni....
n.rsa nk uat jahat....!


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