Saturday, March 12, 2011


27Feb 2011

Hm.skang tgh cuti. Line intrnet cel xbpe nk best..
Mgkin dh mlas sgt nk online..
And lg prefer.taip dlu kt writer.then bru paste kt kmu yer,,

Cuti 3bln tau.
Lme kn..??
tp xsebest cuti aftr spm..
xp la. Cuti, result xbest.
Hrap2 kali ni ad kelainan.

To : my rumates.
Im going to miss u girls.. hehe.

To : my classmates.
Surely,sumtimes.ill thnk of u guys.
But not d syllabus.hahaa

To : all lectures.
Gud luck. For all of our papers.
N please be kind ye.. hehe

To : Ibu,ayah. N sibs ku.
Ill be nice at home.
Ill be kind n hrdworking.

To : Amir Ridwan.
Bye. I'll leave u with ur kmj's life.
No.its a LIE.i wont. u r mine. n im yours.. hehe

To : Nur Izzati Aisyah.
Live ur life to the fullest.

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