Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It feels better.

Ye.. i feel much n much more better now..
Walhal.klu pk blek.dgn xcukup tdo, lnguh kt bahu..
But.it doesnt matter.coz i reali2. feel better than yestrday.
n i think it is not about my feeling.but also my actions.
ad sdikit prbhn.tp msih trlalu awl la kn.. sbb br kul 11.17 pg.

Well. i must say now. b4 its too late.

Amir. i miss you.

N, im listening to our songs... kui3.. =)

Trdapat kajian.yg mgatakan bhwa.dgn mndgr muzik.
Dpt mgurangkn tekanan shingga 25%.

Oh yeay... mayb tu slh satu reason ak rsa ok rini..
while mnaip ni.. dgr playlist fvret...!!
Oh my. i suppose to do this long time ago.haha.

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