Saturday, March 12, 2011

I miss u already,

4th March

Amir, tgh uat pe tu..?? I miss u a lot dear..
Walhal bru jmpa ptg td..
n we spent the whole evning tgether.
Yet,i still missing u..
“Thanx syg,reali apreciate 4 today”~ Amir Ridwan.

Most welcome dear.. I appreciate it too.
Moments with u are highly appreciated!!
Tau x.. hehe..
Yela.curi2, lari g Tangkak sorg2..
smata2 nk jmput bf tcyg ni..
Pastu, jln2.. smpai sesat msuk ke Utem.haha.
I love it..
Serius la..ble ngn Amir, I reali dont care to make faults.
Maybe,,mkin jahat?.. ye ke??
cuz evrythng seems to be ok?...
xstudy pn xpe, lepak je.. huh.
Ini mmg bkn silap amir. Silap atie sbb xpandai nk
gnakan trust n advntages ni..
xpe2. Dont worry.i'll change.
Insya-Allah.... Im hepi.
For ur trust.n not being forgotten,
ayah n ibu's trust.
I wont let u guys down. Cuz I love u guys dearly...

Actually,cant wait to meet wiith the results of final exam.
Im excited,im evrythng~~~

To : my syg, Amir Ridwan.
Will wait to be with u.
cant wait to meet u again..
n, all da best for us.
May d relationship ties longer.n sincere...

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