Sunday, June 17, 2012

deleting your comment ? #Favourite


*patience. save me*


1st skali.. mksd *** giv some privacy 2.. privacy *** on facebooking.. not log in with my acc.. 2nd, nk marah2 kt *** atas ksalahan sndiri.. wtf.. 3rd.. its ok for me utk tman *************.. xde msalah pn.. xpyah la ************** nk smpi begging.. kalo intrnet ni ok.. each time *** on n nmpk ******************* on.. *** akn chat punye..

p/s: laina 2 overly attached girlfriend.. die tgh top kt link vid die..

*** Person 1
***************** Person 2. the victim. heeehee

Right after minutes reading the comments, completely burst out kt Twitter. So, to make it easier. I will just copy paste my tweets ! EASY.

Just because, i said im stalking you, doesnt mean I really do. PERASAN !

Hey, when u liked someone kt FB, it shows on ur FB page ! kesian. tak tau ke?

Dont. Dont you ever try to be angry with me. Its my right to feel whatever I want. If u dislike, SILA BLAHH !

and hello? nk privacy while facebooking..? Unfriend la bodoh. takpun, takpayah ada friend. Bangang.

Eishh, im fasting today. and what a holy day today. Damn u Satan !

This feeling is not right. The more anger I felt, the more pain I have to bear ~

Nak diam boleh. tapi otak jammed.

See. what we have done? ohmaiii. Is this because of that girl? Or because of my tweets before where I had mentioned that " im stalking and who is Laina" .?? seriously, what are the reasons..?
I thing have voiced out my opinion about your privacy on facebooking. Sila la. nk sgt privacy facebooking tu kan? I have deactivate my fb. Easy.

Well, u have told me earlier that, whenever you log in fb, u'll visit mine. and so do I. and it happened that I saw u liked HER. And tak kesah mana pun? I thought, she is some entertainer or singer there. Never hav I mentioned, please dont liked her at FB. never ! but then, u harshly !

Dhla, tunggu macam apa sbb line kt sana yg tak betul. And dah minta kn some sweet words. Sebab pasni tak contact dh. tp ap yg dapat? tetba nk kena plak psl care kt privacy on facebooking bkn psl care kt aku. Bangang. And your second line comment, marah2 atas kesalahan sndiri. WTF ? guna WTF? biadap.

Alhamdulillah. its good. that because I am too way smart and better than you. I have discover the real reasons. Privacy on facebooking just because of that some random woman? and let me feel upset? *hear me, im not angry from the first but just upset.But now, Im in anger*

Incredibly stupid !

Alhamdulillah.. All my anger, turns out better but still stupid enough to embarrass myself in front of my friends jt Twitter and here, my blog.

But its okay. I dare to write in here, because I believe. This mistakes, wont have to be deleted but kept here so that I will remember. Just remember...

~ The less you care, the happier you will be ~


  1. hello... amir tau kalo amir like 2, kuar kt profile amir.. 2 bkn probnye kalo nk tgk profile amir slalu.. yg jd prob.. when u log in using my acc.. susah sgt ke nk paham??

    1. pakk u la wey ! oh. skang ni kata yg jd prob, bila log in using my acc?? Aiyy, comment before ni..
      ""mksd amir giv some privacy 2.. privacy amir on facebooking.. not log in with my acc..""
      ek eleh. apo bendo ni? and well, faham. and i had apologize earlier. and i wont apologize again. huuuh.