Sunday, June 17, 2012

privacy and heart ache


yes. everyone needs privacy.

I have nothing else to say.

cause im hurt. and its hurt.


have you ever read novels or watch movie on vampires?

its okay. let me tell u A FACT about vampire,
despite the presence of vampire itself a myth?

When somebody/someone turned into vampire, their emotions got intense. heightened.

And its completely the same when you are in love.

The person you love, you cared so much. 
When they talk a word. and you find it hurtful.
Eventually, you will not just feeling hurt, but almost being killed !


I will not do something permanently stupid just because I am temporarily upset.
But, ive just deactivate my facebook.

I know, its my fault. but as i was said before. I have no intention to check, investigate all of your activities. And fuck you!

The memories are here. Willingly to accompanying me.
Once upon a time, deceiving me. When u have ur own PRIVACY !

I have my right to feel upset because you are one of the person I treasured the most. I apologized so many times because Im really sorry for that. In return, could you give me some compassion?
But the reality?

# this is my problem, when im sad. i'll think deeply wrong and wild.

After all, its me.

And this time. 




Really a fine line between them.

Ill give you privacy. And ill give you FREEDOM.

im going to regret later for doing this. but who cares?
Its me after all.
Again and again.
the same drama~

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