Saturday, June 16, 2012

Its me. Piscean.


Its really up to you who read and judging.
But, Dont.

Well, Pisces. this is something fresh. Bukan ramalan. oh, esok ak jatuh tangga and etc.
Tp, for me. I followed their tweets because they answers me.

Cm certain habit yg kau tak boley explain, tp thru their words. ko akan rasa mcm, hell, yeah! thats true. and its happening to me.
* wahh, cam kasar je ayat...? pengaruh TVD. heheeee

Okay, so.
Read this and understands me better !

If a #Pisces thinks the world is cold and harsh, they will escape into their own fantasy world for refuge.

#Pisces are very complex characters with deep emotional feelings and an interesting intellect.

#Pisces really ONLY want attention from that person they want it from, everybody else and their opinion doesnt matter

I rewind rewind and rewind again everything in my mind.

suits me?

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